2014 Winners

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Excelle Life

Shanghai General Motors
Lowe China

Case Summary
Challenge-Excelle is an classic model with 10 years history, how could we attract consumer and back to the sales champion. Insight-Simple, practical, down to earth, these attributes are not appreciated by people but which are the attributes make the beauty of life. Strategy-Excelle Lead all people to feel that “Greatness in Simple life”, which makes them realize the beauty in the daily life; then we create 360 degree communication video to let our target audience to comprehend the essence of Excelle. Result-Excelle is back to the sales champion in low-med saden category.

I Bought a Jeep

Fiat Chrysler Australia
CumminsRoss Melbourne

Case Summary
Jeep had always been a niche brand in Australia with low and stagnant sales, lacking relevance to most Australians. However, in 2012 a campaign playing off the incredulous reactions people had when they mentioned they bought a Jeep, was launched. Jeep fortunes changed dramatically with this campaign, called 'I bought a Jeep'. Not only has this campaign been quickly embraced by, and ingrained into, popular culture it has resulted in a sales lift from 8,645 to 19,959. That's a incremental revenue increase of $508M, at an incredible ROI of 990%.

Why Import Craft Beer When You Can Import Craft Brewers?
Beverages – Alcohol
Boundary Road Brewery
Barnes, Catmur & Friends

Case Summary
Craft beer in New Zealand was stuck in a cluttered rut, filled with either obscure foreign oddities or the latest local “heritage” brand of the week. Enough with the brewing bellringers of Bulgaria and extinct flightless birds already! Instead of importing exotic beers, we’d import exotic brewers instead. We’d bring fresh taste buds and hybrid flavours to New Zealand and let them loose, getting the best of local and international values. And suddenly a modest exercise in building Boundary Road Brewery’s brand credibility was turning into a million dollar money-maker.

Tang - Cherishing Individuality

Beverages Non-Alcohol
Mondelez International
Ogilvy & Mather Bangladesh

Case Summary
Despite having four other exciting flavours in its range, Tang was faced with the challenge of being equated with the orange flavour only by its core target group i.e. the kids and their mothers. In order to change this perception, Tang launched the Tonty-Monty campaign which highlighted the assorted flavours of Tang, banking upon the insight that every kid is different and wants to exhibit and demonstrate his individuality. The campaign was an instant hit and resulted in an appreciable increment in the sale of all Tang flavours.

Increasing the Diversity of NZ Police
Government / Institutional
New Zealand Police
M&C Saatchi

Case Summary
New Zealand’s police force has traditionally been male and European, with a low percentage of Maori (New Zealand’s indigenous population). There is a degree of distrust between the Maori population and the police. Because the Police are often seen as upholding injustices against Maori, becoming a police officer is tantamount to becoming a traitor. Maori will consult with their whanau (wider family group) about career options, so we not only had to gain the interest of potential Maori officers, we also had to win over their wider family group.

The Truth Lies Behind

Household Supplies & Services
I&S BBDO Tokyo/BBDO J West

Case Summary
“Shabondama Soap” is 100% additive-free laundry detergent brand that hasn’t changed its formula for more than 30 years. Since it’s creation it has no petrochemical ingredients beyond pure soap. As Japanese people have become more conscious about the environment, other detergents tried to establish their own environmentally-friendly credentials. Legal loopholes in labeling regulations meant competitors were able to claim “Additive-Free” on their packages, even when they did contain additives. Our campaign "repositioned” our product: literally and figuratively. The campaign brought Shabondama Soap record sales (146.5% vs. LY).

Facebook Powered Slot Cars

Media, Entertainment & Leisure
V8 Supercars Australia
GPY&R Brisbane

Case Summary
With an on-going goal to attract more, younger fans to the sport we were tasked with selling tickets via social media to the Sydney Telstra 500 V8 Supercar Race. We developed a Facebook App called the Fanatic 500, allowing the world’s first Facebook powered, V8, slot car race to take place. With only $30,000 we achieved the following results in just 9 days: $1,739,320 in ticket sales far exceeding the sales objective of $200,000. A 68% plus year on year increase in content sharing and fan engagement in social media.

Pasta Hut

Pizza Hut
JWT Singapore

Case Summary
How do you get more customers to view you as a restaurant that serves great pasta - and to come you to eat pasta - when everything points to the fact that you're a restaurant that only cares about Pizza? We needed to raise awareness of our offering and sell more pasta - and we did. How? With the Simplest Brand Elasticity exercise in the World.

Christchurch Reimagined

Travel / Tourism
Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism
Iris Sydney

Case Summary
How do you reverse a 32% drop in Aussie arrivals to earthquake ravaged Christchurch? This is the story of how we created a new narrative for ChCh by turning Aussie sympathy into action. Mayor Bob Parker reignited the banter between Aussies and Kiwis, asking Australia for a favour – to borrow some of their 'BIG THINGS'. We turned 24/7 negative social media coverage, into our solution by turning travellers into the broadcast medium. An ROI of 540%, our campaign increased Aussie arrivals by 12.6%, importantly stimulating city expenditure by 112%.

Feel Tip Top

Asia Pacific Brands
Fonterra Brands
Colenso BBDO/Proximity NZ

Case Summary
We launched a new positioning, Feel Tip Top, with a Facebook app promoted on TV inviting Kiwis to send an ice cream to someone they wanted to make feel good. Then a very big delivery truck manned by a personality, Johnny Barker, zigzagged across the country making personal deliveries, which became content encouraging even more people to get involved and send an ice cream. 32,000 nominated someone. Tip Top increased its Facebook fan base from 40,000 to 110,000 and sales were up by 1.5 million ice creams for the summer.

NetEase News-The Attitude Is On You
Brand Experience
Proximity Shanghai

Case Summary
Under restricted news environment in China, there is nothing different about news. How can NetEase news drive viewership as game-changer? We discovered that the more controlled the news, the more liberated the opinions become. So we champion the attitude of NetEase readers. We launched a 2 waves campaign-the attitude is on you-to inspire Chinese news readers to share voice at NetEase news platform. After wave 1, NetEase viewership increased by 9.13%(competitors dropped by 2.52%).During 2 waves, the total user’s time spending on NetEase news APP ranked No 1.

Doug Pitt and Virgin Mobile: Smashing Giants
David vs Goliath
Virgin Mobile Australia (VMA)
Havas Worldwide Australia/One Green Bean

Case Summary
The three big telecommunication competitors in Australia, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone account for 82% of the market. Not only do they dominate in terms of market share and customers but they also enjoy a much more tangible presence due to their number of retail outlets and large communications spend. Virgin Mobile Australia is consistently outspent by the major players, by a ratio of up to 4:1. This case outlines how Virgin Mobile punched well above its weight to gain customers and increase revenue by 12% YOY.

Getting John West to Change its Tuna
GoodWorks – Non Profit
Saatchi & Saatchi Australia

Case Summary
Despite years of campaigning from organisations like Greenpeace, Australia’s largest and most well known brands of canned fish, John West, was still using tuna fishing practices that killed endangered turtles, blue whales, baby tuna and other marine life. We had one simple challenge: force John West to change the way they catch their tuna and stop these practices from happening.

Idea Honey Bunny

Media Innovation
Idea Cellular
Lowe Lintas and Partners Mumbai

Case Summary
A ringtone called “Honey Bunny” that demonstrated IDEA’s seamless connectivity across India and dispelled all the doubts of it being a regional player. An IDEA way of saying things yet again.

Beyond The Wall

Media Innovation
Frucor Beverages NZ
Colenso BBDO/Proximity NZ

Case Summary
Mountain Dew is the fuel New Zealanders need to take their passion further. This year we demonstrated that through the medium of graffiti. It’s every graffiti artist’s dream to tag the untaggable. We built software that busted graffiti off the wall, letting artists tag anywhere in the world. We collaborated with street artists, motion-capture experts and software engineers to track graffiti's signature styles, capturing its essence in 3D. Online tools let anyone tag the virtual world, creating 3D graffiti and using Google Street View to drop it on any street.

Gillette Shave Sexy

Small Budget
BBDO China

Case Summary
The challenge for Gillette in China was major category erosion: 18.3 million men were switching to dry shavers, every year. Everything changed with ‘Shave Sexy’. Having discovered that Chinese women find wet shaving arousing to watch, a small budget ‘unbranded’ experiment was created to demonstrate how wet shaving attracts female interest. Supporting this with a series of branded activities, ‘Shave Sexy’ reached 197 million people, reversed the growth of the dry shaver category for the first time in 4 years, and helped Gillette record its highest ever month sales.

Extra Flavors of Life – The Favorite Campaign of a Generation in China
Sustained Success
Wrigley Confectionery China
BBDO Guangzhou

Case Summary
This paper tells how Extra creates the favorite story of a generation in China. We establish after-meal-chewing habits by showing Extra is the right accompaniment for all life's ups and downs. The Chinese saying Suan Tian Ku La (Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy) categorizes meals - but has the double meaning of "All Flavors of Life". This inspired a meal-centric story of freedom, which a young couple pursue their dreams. It raises 44% consumption of Extra, selling incremental 10.3 billion pellets and accounted for 82% of category incremental.

I Quit - From Anti-Smoking to Pro-Quitting

Sustained Success
Health Promotion Board Singapore
Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

Case Summary
In 2011, the Health Promotion Board rewrote the rules of traditional anti-smoking communications to create the first ever, pro-quitting movement ‘I Quit’. Instead of scaring smokers into quitting, ‘I Quit’ lauded individuals for making the decision to quit which inspired thousands to take the first step. In 2012, we created the largest support network to demonstrate how the power of support can make a different in helping smokers quit. In 2013, we started Singapore's first ever mass quit and created the 28-Day Countdown, a program that made quitting easy.