Judging Round 2

Hosted by Bloomberg, the 2-day judging session welcomed a diverse group of experienced industry and marketing professionals from around the Asia Pacific region. An interactive and challenging session which saw judges engaging in deep thoughts and dynamic discussions!

Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1667 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-2076 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1692 IMG_1065 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1733 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1830 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-2034 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1679 IMG_0293 IMG_1114 20feb-135 IMG_0536 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1738 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1802 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1816 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1746 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-2061 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1959 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-2068 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-0839 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-0851 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-0909 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-0949 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-0988 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1032 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1080 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1087 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1115 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1158 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1181 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1418 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1438 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1469 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1606 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1613 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-2094 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1652 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1707 Effel A.P. Awards_2014_-1712 Eff_apac_awards_2014_-10 Eff_apac_awards_2014_-9 Eff_apac_awards_2014_-24 Eff_apac_awards_2014_-106 Eff_apac_awards_2014_-27 Eff_apac_awards_2014_-25 Eff_apac_awards_2014_-28 Eff_apac_awards_2014_-61 Eff_apac_awards_2014_-64
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